Is Your Child Playing Sports This Year? How To Avoid Problems With Their Sport Physical

If your child wants to participate in school sports programs this year, it's time to schedule their sport physical. If your child has recently had their annual physical, you might not think they need their sports physical. But, that's not the case. The sport physical will ensure that your child is physically able to participate in organized sporting activities. If your child has never had a sports physical, you may not know how to prepare. Here are some tips that will help you avoid problems with your child's sport physical. 

Don't Wait Until the Last Minute

If your child needs a physical before they can participate in school sports this year, now's the time to schedule the appointment. You don't want to wait until the last minute for their physical. Waiting too long could prevent your child from participating in their desired sports program. That's because school athletic departments need to have proper documentation for each student. Not only that but if the doctor identifies a problem during the physical, you'll need enough time to try to resolve the issue. To avoid problems, try to schedule your child's sport physical at least one full month before the start of the season. 

See Your Personal Physician

If your child needs a sport physical this year, try to schedule an appointment with their primary care physician. Your child's personal physician has access to their medical records. That means they'll be able to identify issues that may need to be addressed. Not only that, but they can also offer personalized suggestions to help your child excel in their chosen sport. 

Provide Medical Information

If you've decided to take your child to a sports physical clinic, be prepared when you arrive for the appointment. If possible, bring a copy of your child's medical records with you to the appointment. This is especially important if your child has a preexisting medical condition that could interfere with their participation in school sports. It's also important that you bring your insurance information with you. That way you don't need to pay cash for the physical. 

Accept Doctor Advice

If your child's doctor identifies potential problems during the physical, be willing to listen to advice. Failing to listen to medical advice could put your child at risk for serious health problems if they participate in school sports programs. If you're worried about the diagnosis, talk to your doctor about getting a second opinion. Keep these tips in mind if your child needs a sport physical